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Ya'Acov's writing is powerful, personal, inspiring, honest and deep.


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Jaguar in the Body, Butterfly in the Heart by Ya'Acov Darling Khan
Let me share a prediction with you. Once you pick this book up, you’re not going to want to put it down. It will blow your mind and blow your heart open too. And I own my bias; I am Ya’Acov’s wife. However, I am not alone in feeling this. There are stunning reviews from many well known and respected people from many fields in the book. Here is one review from Debra Hall, one of the first to read the whole published book and give feedback: "There's a beautiful, modern greek word - Meraki which means to leave a piece of yourself -either your soul, creativity or love in your work. This book has all three and the feeling of soulfulness, love and honesty is visceral and very affecting. I found myself feeling very emotional right from the beginning in both explicable and inexplicable ways. It is no small feat to write about yourself, your life and what has mattered, still matters most to you from the incommensurable- the part which is completely unique but has a longing to share itself in order to be an inspiration, blessing and shelter to others. This book has done that with generous abundance. At the same time as being a fantastic, compelling piece of story telling embedded with wisdom, it is also a call to the soul in each one of us to overcome whatever inner and outer obstacles we face and become fully ourselves, not perfect, (the sharing of perceived imperfections and mistakes is one of the most beautiful aspects of the book) but who we know in our heart of hearts we can and deeply want to be. I love it, I can't recommend it enough." Debra Hall
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Movement Medicine - How to Awaken, Embody and Dance your Dreams by Susannah & Ya'Acov Darling Khan

Susannah And Ya'Acov Darling Khan's book about Movement Medicine.

Movement Medicine is Susannah and Ya’Acov’s book illuminating the practice and fundamentals of Movement Medicine as an embodied practice to bring us into alignment with our deep purpose here in this one precious life.

This book supports our understanding of the energetic and empirical connectedness with all life within which we all live as inter-dependent beings and shows how this connects to conscious movement practice. In this book you will find much to consolidate your understanding of the elements, the inter-connection of body, heart and mind, the weaving of past, present and future and personal fulfilment, inter-connection and realisation. Susannah and Ya’Acov give conceptual background, suggestions for practice (recipes to try at home) and intimate, personal life stories to illustrate.

It's poetic, practical, personal. It offers Movement Medicine 'recipes' for personal practice, whilst situating personal development in the global picture of challenge and opportunity we humans have created for ourselves.
Now also translated into French and German.
"Susannah and YaíAcov's book is just so readable, in particular the personal bits that brought the pages alive and validated my vulnerability in being human. My spiritual side so loved the delicious recipes, the intention and purpose written clearly in easy to follow instructions and most of all the way it resonated with a big "yes" from within my soul!" Francine Swaby

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Movement Medicine -In German, by Susannah & Ya'Acov Darling Khan

We are told that the translation is really good, and we love the feel of the book! Thank you InnenWelt publishers and the translator and MM dancer Kristin Glenwinkel who worked so well together! Enjoy! 

"I love your MM book translated in German - very well done. For me it goes much deeper to read it a second time in my mother language. There are so much good informations and tools I have to do/dance by myself. ..... and I have to read it a third time because it is not only a workbook - it is full of life. Thank you for your great work and for sharing it." Manuela Beck

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Danse Medicine - Movement Medicine in French by Susannah & Ya'Acov Darling Khan

Danse Medicine - our book, Movement Medicine in French! by Susannah & Ya'Acov Darling Khan

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