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Words and Chords

Words and chords for Susannah's medicine songs.


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Movement Medicine Song Book

This song book, called "All the Earth is Sacred and other songs" is based in the words, notes and chords of the songs from Susannah's CDs: "All the Earth is Sacred" and "Torch Songs" and some other songs: Caroline Carey's Ancestor's River Song and Sini's Prayer Song, as well as the harmony songs Thuma Mina and Bumbalela (Never Give Up!) which we sing in Movement Medicine. I say a huge "thank you!" to the South African anti-apartheid freedom struggle from which these beautiful songs have come, and which we sing in honour of that struggle, and as a profound support to find the heart of true solidarity with life: love in action. The song book comes to you in a 100% recycled plastic file so that as the/your repertoire grows you can add to it. The flowers were added for the photo-shot- you will need to use your own if you want yours decorated too- but we think you will find that there is much for you to flower with inside.

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