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MP3 - Torch Songs by Susannah Darling Khan and Friends - Full Album

Torch Songs- for our turning times, is a compilation of love songs for life to help light the way in these challenging times. They are songs to hear, to sing, to dance with. Songs of celebration of the fire, the waters, the moon, the trees. Songs of could retrieval and of letting go. They are made in honour of life, in honour of the torch of life passed to us by those who came before, in support of us who live now, and in prayer for those who follow. Its dedicated to my mother, Elizabeth Darlington, who passed a little over 2 years ago. In the tradition of all the Earth is Sacred, there is a drum song, empty of words... And the song for the Amazon rainforest, Force of the Forest; which Ya'Acov and I wrote together. 10% of the proceeds from this album will go to the Pachamama Alliance to anchor this prayer in action. Ya'Acov says: “I am so proud to announce the release of Susannah’s latest album – Torch Songs: For these Turning Times. This album is a powerful invocation for us all to take courage and stand up for life on earth. Each song is a jewel. I love the musicality, the message and the magnificent medicine that this new album is offering into the world at a time when we all need to dance like dervishes and raise our voices for what we care for. These songs come from such a deep place, a medicine place, tender and wise and full of love and with this offering, Susannah is taking her place in the circle of Medicine Women, a circle whose voices need to be heard.” Ya’Acov Darling Khan. December 2016 Enjoy!


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Words & Chords from Torch Songs

This are the words and chords from Torch songs. They come as a downloadable PDF file. These songs are designed to be sung and danced to as well as listened to. They are invitations to participate in your own healing and empowerment through dancing and singing, This is what I call “DanSing!” They are incantations from my heart to yours within the heart of life. All the money from this product will be donated to the Pachamama Alliance.

You could also get the "All the Earth is Sacred" song book, download this pdf of the Torch Songs words and chords, print them out and add them to the file.



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