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CD - Torch Songs by Susannah Darling Khan and Friends

CD - Torch Songs by Susannah Darling Khan and Friends
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Torch Songs- for our turning times.

1 Espiritu
2 Force of The Forest
3 Myxolidian Hylux
4 I Will Find It
5 Drum Song
6 Holy Fire
7 Water and Stars
8 Let Her Go
9 Fly Free
10 Moon Song
11 La Fuerza
12 Re-Myxolidian Hylux
Torch Songs is a compilation of love songs for life to help light the way in these challenging times. They are songs to hear, to sing, to dance with, to align and empower and encourage. Songs of celebration of the fire, the waters, the moon, the trees. Songs of soul retrieval and of letting go. They are made in honour of life, in honour of the torch of life passed to us by those who came before, in support of us who live now, and in prayer for those who follow. Its dedicated to my mother, Elizabeth Darlington, who passed a little over 2 years ago. In the tradition of all the Earth is Sacred, there is a drum song, empty of words... And the song for the Amazon rainforest, Force of the Forest; which Ya'Acov and I wrote together. 10% of the proceeds from this album will go to the Pachamama Alliance to anchor this prayer in action.


I am grateful and honoured to have been joined by extra-ordinary musicians and vocalists: In rough order of recording: Phil Berthoud, Louis Berthoud, Rupert Brown, Christopher de Graal, Julian Marshall, Adam Vevers, Ben Burrow, Gareth Carey, Ya’Acov Darling Khan, Sarah Patterson, Lua Behrens, Adrian Freedman, Volker Kaczinski, Kate Lawrence, Reuben Darling Khan, Helen Knight, Eliza Kenyon, Susie Ro Prater, Ayla Schafer, Benjamin Clark, Joseph Rose, Jasmin Clark, Mahri Berthoud, Ya’Acov Darling Khan.. Thank you!

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Susannah, "Torch Songs, and in honour of her mother and grandmother. from Susannah Darling Khan on Vimeo.

Torch Songs from Susannah Darling Khan on Vimeo.

Here is a video with a re-mix of Track 11: La Fuerza and Track 2: Force of the Forest: enjoy!

Force of the Forest from Susannah Darling Khan on Vimeo.

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