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CD - The Phoenix Tree by Lua Maria & Adrian Freedman

CD - The Phoenix Tree by Lua Maria & Adrian Freedman
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Notes about the Album


This project matured over five years, from our first exploratory flute improvisations, and through sharing and experimenting with arrangements of each other’s songs, to this finished suite of pieces.

Our collaboration grew from our shared love for traditional flute music, and for songs of Earth and Spirit.

The album is a dance between the ancient Japanese shakuhachi flute and the Native American style flute, woven together with songs of the elements.

A musical journey that moves between the simplicity and spaciousness of the flute melodies, to the intricacy of the songs that dive deep into the roots of humanity and soar high with the flight of the eagle.

Lua Maria sings and plays Native American style flute, guitar, charango and frame drum.

Adrian Freedman plays Japanese shakuachi flute, guitar, harmonium, frame drum, shakers and temple bells.


Notes from the Musicians


Lua Maria:

“I grew up in the devon hills. My music comes from a place of love and connection with nature. Usually the songs come to me as I wander the hills and valleys listening for the songs of the wind, rivers and trees. 

For me, to sing is to pray and to give thanks to life. Music can be a powerful medicine, connecting us back to our truth, our roots and our Mother Earth.

Now I continue to create music, concerts and recording projects where I live off grid with the animals and vegetable gardens in the mountains of La Palma.”



“I grew up in the North of England with the North Yorkshire Moors as my spiritual homeland. Drawn to music from meditative and devotional practices, my journey led me to Japan, where I spent 7 years studying the ancient Japanese shakuhachi flute. After travelling the world and collaborating with many musicians I came to settle on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon. This album with Lua has been led by the meeting of the voice of her Dartmoor flute with the Japanese shakuhachi. With these flutes, and with our songs, we found a sound somewhere between the woodland earth and the open sky.”



Notes about the Songs


Oak Tree (Lua Maria)

This song came to me as I ran though the Devon fields, swam in the river and rested by the ancient Oaks. I am in wonder at these beautiful trees, standing in one place for hundreds of years. Slowly growing, silently witnessing. This song is in honour of these wise beings, with whom I learned much about stillness and inner strength even in the times when I do not know what the next step is or where the river of life is taking me.



Rivers Run Red (Lua Maria)

This song came from a place of darkness. Travelling the worlds of my inner landscapes, of heartbreak, ancient wounds and vulnerability, and the harvest that is reaped from living through challenges and saying yes to what life brings. Even I did not really understand the meaning of this song, as it arrived in one cascading waterfall in the deep of a winter night. Years later the full meaning revealed itself to me.



Aguilita (Lua Maria)

I wrote this song in the wild hills of La Palma, Canary Islands. It is a call to the Grandmother Eagle to guide us in her Wise Way to live on Earth with Clear Vision, in Hamony and Unity.


Lotus Flower (Adrian)

At a time of deep crisis in my life, when I needed to find a core of inner light in order to survive, this song arose in the middle of the night, opening like a lotus flower through dark waters of the soul. So beautiful to hear the melody sung by Lua.



Notes about the Instruments.


Lua plays Native American style flutes designed by Dartmoor flute-maker and musician Nigel Shaw. The instruments are individually hand-carved from timber local to Dartmoor. Nigel made the Cedar drone flute, and helped Lua make the Silver Birch flute.


Lua says, “For me the song of the Native American-style flute is a direct connection to the nature spirits. It was a delight to collaborate with Adrian, weaving flute sounds of the west with the ancient, peace-bringing sounds of the shakuhachi from the East.”


Lua’s frame drum is made from Dartmoor deerhide by Dorrie Joy.


Adrian plays shakuhachi flutes made my Miura Ryuho and John Kaizan Neptune.


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