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The Circle, the Fire and the Phoenix, by Caroline Carey

The Circle, the Fire and the Phoenix, by Caroline Carey
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Caroline's latest book about her personal journeys, evolving through Movement Medicine and the dancing warrior path.
She describes the effects of living and teaching with this work in her own unique style.Caroline's latest book about her personal journey of healing and her journey within Movement Medicine. 

This book is written in parts, musing over the shamanic and the spiritual, the poetry of life and of broken hearts. It muses over the loss of soul and the loss of innocence. It lifts us to the possibility of soul retrieval and invites us to be more
connected to the authentic masculine and feminine, as well as our true soul purpose in this lifetime. The Circle is the beginning of our spiritual practice, where we begin with ourselves. It teaches us about our true selves and the work we need to do in order to take responsibility of and develop a strong feminine - yin and a strong masculine - yang energy. It asks us to embrace our polarities and be both the authentic and mature feminine and masculine in our lives. It offers us the possibility of knowing our circle as elemental forces, as all that is below and all that is above us. Bringing into our circle of strength our allies and connections to both the physical world and the spiritual. Most importantly it invites us to reach a place of ‘authentic maturity’ whether we are ordinary folk, parents, workers, artists or political leaders running countries.
The Fire reminds us that we must make a commitment both to ourselves, our intimate relationships and to our environments and communities. The spirit of fire shows us that no matter how it is for us, and there is no doubt it can be challenging at times, we must step up in our commitments if healing is to be done. There is always something new to learn about our selves and if the commitment is there, then the process can be faster,
easier and much more effective. What does it mean to commit to life, to the planet and to Spirit? The Phoenix is the rising force that comes from the ashes once we have given ourselves to any intense, spiritually healing process that we may need to go through in order to relinquish control. When we can give up the need to be anything other than a simple, creative being. It is when our wings become the intimate soul work to be shared with our communities and the environment, shared with the maturity and wisdom to do the best we can with what needs to be done. from The Circle, The Fire & The Phoenix

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