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CD - Song of a Thousand Leaves by Susie Ro
Susie Ro's beautiful new album is lighting up our dance floors and Movement Medicine ceremonies. After a dedicated and fruitful 2.5 year journey of self-producing her debut solo album ‘Song of a Thousand Leaves’ the album is finally here. Susie is joined by 31 guest musicians including world renowned Kora player Seckou Keita and Baka Beyond’s Su Hart with her traditional ‘Rainforest Singing’. With them Susie has woven authentic threads of music from across the world to her 12 original soulful acoustic songs: 1. Silver City 2. Sovereignty 3. Seekers 4. Nature’s Song 5. Book of Love 6. Ripples of Time 7. Return to Love 8. Flame 9. Phoenix 10. Music 11. A Thousand Leaves 12. Creatures of the Deep (Live) Susie says: “Crafting this record with so much wild creativity and care has brought these songs alive in a way that I never could have done with just me and my guitar”.

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