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Stef Vink

To me, music is the medicine of life. It’s a force, a language beyond comprehension. I touches my heart, expands my mind, and makes my body come alive and wanting to dance. I’m forever grateful to be able to be a channel for this energy, and so reflect and give back through music the wonders that life is giving me and us.


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CD - Connected by Stef Vink

Stef Vink's beautiful piano music from the heart for the heart is a wonderful addition to our music collection. Inspiring, moving, tender, wild. Yes! Anyone who has heard Stef play for the dance at the Summer Long dance will know how supple, alive, and dynamically Stef's piano playing responds to the dance."This music helps me open my heart and helps me feel the majesty and mystery of life as I drive, cook, dance and rest. Thank you Stef!" Susannah Darling Khan

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