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CD - Raa Maa by Shiuli Subaya
Shiuli Subaya's album Raa Maa released on Maya Records 2011 where the music invites us deep into our bodies and to feel the call of the receptive, yin aspect of the Divine Feminine. Shiuli is trained in ancient Karnatic music, with a deep commitment to mantra yoga, and is a Movement Medicine Apprenticeship Teacher. She can also be heard on the 21 Gratitudes CD and one the tracks from this album is available from the Musical Mosaic Collection of mp3s
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MP3 - Durga Gayatri Mantra

This is a slow deep and powerful interpretation of the Durga Gayatri Mantra by Shiuli Subaya from the CD Raa Maa (also available in the shop). All proceeds from this sale go to support The Pachamama Alliance. Shiuli is an amazing singer deeply committed to her mantra practice and also an Apprentice Movement Medicine Teacher. Beautiful music to connect with the divine. (Shiuli can also be heard on the 21 Gratitudes CD, which with her own Raa Maa CD are available from the shop)

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