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From spacious and spellbinding tracks that sweep you away on a great tide of polyphonic melody, to upbeat dance tracks full of sunshine and song, Ombiviolum is like nothing you will have encountered before. The mesmerizing melodies of Zimbabwean mbira meld seamlessly with folky riffs, funky bass lines and soaring classical strings.


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CD - A village in the West by Ombiviolum

Beautiful mbira music with sensitive full hearted mix of cello, violin, voices, guitar and drums. Some very tender, much of it with a redemptive, ecstatic feel. We LOVE it, and you'll be hearing it lots on our dance floors. 

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MP3 - Shanje by Obiviolum

Exciting world fusion. Male and female voices calling the ancestors. Traditional Mbira trance music with oboe, cello and violin on top. This track has an other- worldly repetitive hook with few simple vocal embellishments.

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