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CD - Clear Blue Sky by Nick Barber

Nick Barber's exquisite, gentle and tender songs reach the heart of the matter over and over. The depth and intelligence of his lyrics, the love and beauty in his vocals and instrumentation make this an album of real music medicine, musical healing and inspiration which, once heard, you won't want to be without

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MP3 - Same Sun by Nick Barber from the CD Clear Blue Sky

This is an amazing track from an amazing CD. It has a wonderful, moving stillness about it. Soft, gentle and swaying, great for beginning or ending your dance  - tuning in to where you are now or receiving the echo of your prayers at the end of a dancing meditation or ceremony. (I had real trouble making a clip for this one for you to "audition" it before you buy, as I just want you to hear the whole thing! and if you like this track you should consider buying the CD :-) ) All proceeds from this sale go to support The Pachamama Alliance.

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