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"This album has been the sound track of our summer of 2019. We simply LOVE it. Laor has made an album with an exquisite range: tender, strong, anthemic, rocking, devotional and divine. It's a powerful expression of love for life by an incredible singer and musician and her band. We know you're going to hear this on our dance floors!" Susannah and Ya'Acov Darling Khan

Agradeço - I am grateful - is the debut Album of LAOR (Israel/Ibiza), a unique musician, medicine woman and a vocal artist who's main passion is to inspire and guide people to discover the infinite power and healing abilities of their voices and hearts and to deepen their musicality.

This magical album is made out of songs which Laor have composed (Except Folon and Calma) through out years of travels, exploring shamanic rituals, music and vocal expression.
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