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Shaman's Song CD by Ya'Acov Darling Khan
Ya'Acov's latest extra-ordinary CD of shamanic drum journeys: 5 journeys: 1) Morning Song – Bridging the Sleeping & the Waking Dream, 2) Body Prayer - an elemental journey 3) The Unbroken – Journey to the heart of the Amazon to meet, re-awaken and deepen your connection to the unbroken source of life 4) Shaman’s Song – 11-minute strong, fast drum journey without spoken guidance 5) Night Song – At the end of the day, a jewel of a meditation journey to help you let go, and bridge the waking and the sleeping dream. All tracks are also presented without the guidance as instrumental tracks.
Shaman’s Drum: Ya’Acov Darling Khan
Shaman’s Drum: Susannah Darling Khan
Rattle: Susannah Darling Khan
Didgeridoo: Jem Friar
Whistling and Shaman’s Song: Ya’Acov Darling Khan
Shakapa: Ya’Acov Darling Khan

"Ya’Acov Darling Khan is the real thing; an impeccable shamanic guide who will take you deep into the heart of existence. The safe, steady heartbeat of the drum and his warm, evocative voice will enchant and renew you, as you make these powerful visionary journeys."
Tim Freke
Philosopher and Best-Selling Author of Soul Story and 34 other books

"Dovetailing perfectly with the teachings from his book, Yaacov offers brilliantly produced pieces of music, spoken word and shamanic soul to guide you into the day, night and deep within. Treat yourself: journey deeply, guided by a real shaman."
With love and lucidity,

"I'll never forget the first time I heard Yaacov Darling Khan lead a meditation with his shamanic drum. Instantly I was transported to another realm where I met my guides, received healing and was filled with inspiration. Yaacov is the real deal and is doing incredibly sacred work that the world needs more than ever. Let him guide you deep into the truth of who you are."
- Kyle Gray, Bestselling Author of Angel Prayers & Raise Your Vibration

"Shamans song is a completely sensory experience which cuts through the mind and takes the listener straight into their spirit. Incredibly powerful, prepare to venture to the Amazon if not in body, very much in soul."
Jessica Huie
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Lua's music and voice is well known and loved within Movement Medicine. Her song "Wild White Horses" is an anthem of hope and love in these challenging times that has our dance floors rising in love and gratitude at the end of many ceremonies. Semilla is her new album of 6 tracks, made before and after the birth of her daughter, which takes the listener/dancer though many journeys and realms of wonder, prayer and connection. Enjoy!
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Life Grooves MP3 Album by Susannah Darling Khan and friends

Susannah says: Here it is for you at last! If you've been around on our dance floors recently you'll recognise this music. "Life Grooves" is 8 tracks: 4 for Movement Medicine home practice with instruction, and then the same 4 instrumental tracks without the words. Each of the tracks is between 12 and 20 minutes long:

  • Track 1) "Greeting the Day" to start your day with energy, connection and intention
  • Track 2) "Awakening the Dancer"
  • Track 3) "Mesa Practice" and
  • Track 4) "Ending the Day" to finish the day with a good dance, bringing in the harvest of the day, and a chance to release what ever needs releasing.
  • Track 5) "Greeting the Day - Instrumental"
  • Track 6) "Awakening the Dancer - Instrumental"
  • Track 7) "Mesa Practice - Instrumental"
  • Track 8) "Ending the Day - Instrumental"

All the tracks are drums (four with Ya'Acov and myself) with the amazing Stef Vink on piano and keyboard. Volker Kaczinski is the music engineer and drum programmer. He and I worked together on "Wild Prayer", "Party for God" and "The Walrog" and it has been great to create together again. Thank you both, wonderful to work together. Enjoy!

The Life Grooves Album is more than 120 minutes of music. This also means it is a large file to download. If you are having any issues downloading, try moving to somewhere with a faster connection  OR  please contact us at tech.help@music-medicine.co.uk for an alternative method of delivery.

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Jaguar in the Body, Butterfly in the Heart by Ya'Acov Darling Khan
Let me share a prediction with you. Once you pick this book up, you’re not going to want to put it down. It will blow your mind and blow your heart open too. And I own my bias; I am Ya’Acov’s wife. However, I am not alone in feeling this. There are stunning reviews from many well known and respected people from many fields in the book. Here is one review from Debra Hall, one of the first to read the whole published book and give feedback: "There's a beautiful, modern greek word - Meraki which means to leave a piece of yourself -either your soul, creativity or love in your work. This book has all three and the feeling of soulfulness, love and honesty is visceral and very affecting. I found myself feeling very emotional right from the beginning in both explicable and inexplicable ways. It is no small feat to write about yourself, your life and what has mattered, still matters most to you from the incommensurable- the part which is completely unique but has a longing to share itself in order to be an inspiration, blessing and shelter to others. This book has done that with generous abundance. At the same time as being a fantastic, compelling piece of story telling embedded with wisdom, it is also a call to the soul in each one of us to overcome whatever inner and outer obstacles we face and become fully ourselves, not perfect, (the sharing of perceived imperfections and mistakes is one of the most beautiful aspects of the book) but who we know in our heart of hearts we can and deeply want to be. I love it, I can't recommend it enough." Debra Hall
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CD - BuddhaSongs by Sarah Patterson
"Thank you Sarah for these exquisite, heart filled song prayers. This is strong and original work. Sarah's unique alchemical integration of her deeply immersed devotional voice and long term energetic connection with Tibetan Buddhist practice with the joy of her own heritage of the song style of musicals. I predict that you'll either totally love this, or you won't get it at all. And if you get it, as I have, it will infuse your being. This is a deeply joyous and incredibly well done work. The songs develop from quiet beginnings to soar in unexpected ways that simply work magic in my heart." Susannah Darling Khan 1 A Heart Sutra (Heart Sutra) 11.18 2 Buddha of the Wild and Green (Green Tara) 9.57 3 Deer in the Morning (Chenrezig) 8.07 4 Medicine Buddha Healing (Medicine Buddha Long Mantra) 8.29 5 Hold Us (White Tara) 6.12 6 Shakyamuni Buddha (Shakyamuni Heart Mantra) 5.37 7 Sherab Chamma Mantra (Sherab Chamma Heart Mantra) 9.03

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CD - Song of a Thousand Leaves by Susie Ro
Susie Ro's beautiful new album is lighting up our dance floors and Movement Medicine ceremonies. After a dedicated and fruitful 2.5 year journey of self-producing her debut solo album ‘Song of a Thousand Leaves’ the album is finally here. Susie is joined by 31 guest musicians including world renowned Kora player Seckou Keita and Baka Beyond’s Su Hart with her traditional ‘Rainforest Singing’. With them Susie has woven authentic threads of music from across the world to her 12 original soulful acoustic songs: 1. Silver City 2. Sovereignty 3. Seekers 4. Nature’s Song 5. Book of Love 6. Ripples of Time 7. Return to Love 8. Flame 9. Phoenix 10. Music 11. A Thousand Leaves 12. Creatures of the Deep (Live) Susie says: “Crafting this record with so much wild creativity and care has brought these songs alive in a way that I never could have done with just me and my guitar”.

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