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MP3 - "Still Music for Life" Album 3

MP3 - "Still Music for Life" Album 3
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Here is the latest compilation of all the best "Still Music for Life" tracks. We've brought together 11 of our favourite still tracks donated from some fabulous artists. Whilst you are feeling the depth of quietness, meditating, doing yoga or simply tuning with this beautiful music, please add a prayer for the Amazon rainforest and the indigenous stewards who are protecting it for all of us, who you are supporting by buying this music. Eleven tracks donated from various artists brought to you as an album of MP3s to download in one go. It's cheaper per track, and quicker for you! If you want more details and/or to listen to the songs, click on the track, to see the information about individual tracks. If you have already bought Music for Life albums, please note that some of the some tracks you've already bought may be in this album. So check it carefully! Thank you!  
Each purchase is supporting The Pachamama Alliance. Love it!
Track listing:

  1. Durga Gayatri Mantra - by Shiuli Subaya from Raa Maa
  2. In These Hands - by Sarah Patterson from White Tara            
  3. Moondrum-flute - by Susannah and Volker 
  4. Constant Filter - by Matthew Barley and Jon Metcalfe from Canstant Filter
  5. Same Sun - by Nick Barber from Clear Blue Sky
  6. Vigil - by Be-Attitude from Still Waves
  7. Araber Tants -  A Mekhaye 
  8. The Mystery Of The Rose - by Volker Kaczinski  from Flute Lands
  9. Flutes in the Rain - by Be-Attitude from Party for God
  10. Echoes Of Eternity II - by Volker Kaczinski  from Pace Of Peace
  11. Shivoham - by Yasia Leiserach 

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