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CD - Marrakech by Madrum
A beautiful, unusual synergy of clean, light, complex and perfect percussion with chordal structures and moody voice bringing the heart of rhythm with the heart of melody and harmony together in music which calls in the mystery of the desert night. Another one you will have heard on our dance floors!
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MP3 - 02 The Songlines

This is one of the great well loved tracks from the Madrum CD Soma, celebrating the power of song and our inter connectedness with everything. Upbeat, soaring, uplifting. This is a glorious, anthemic, joyous track celebrating the song lines connecting us all. Gavinís amazing voice in multi-harmony awakening heart, body and soul with passion and clear intent. Pay in the normal way and you will be emailed the link so you can download it. All proceeds from this sale go to support The Pachamama Alliance.

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