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Kristin Glenewinkel

It's been my dream to create some guided Movement Medicine journeys in the German language since I started teaching Movement Medicine in 2013 following a long path of Apprenticeship. Klangkörper is the result! My experience of a regular practice that continues at home after receiving a teaching is very important. The daily practice can be the backbone of any spiritual path. I have experienced this with practicing Yoga as well as buddhist meditation over the last 25 years. Movement Medicine as a modality is for me a profound and integrative modality that embraces creativity, therapy and the art of movement and so much more! It is my wish to translate the powerful Movement Medicine tools into my own mother tongue, finding the vocabulary that matches the vibrational field. I have taught many classes and different formats in the last seven years - mostly in german language- and the album is the harvest of gathering my voice as a german MM teacher living in Switzerland. This offering is for all German speaking people who love the method and want to receive the medicine in their own mother tongue. And it might also be fun to dance to a guidance you don't fully understand and let yourself be carried by the music. I have been dancing with Ya'Acov und Susannah Darling Khan since 2001 and began an intensive training with them in 2010. I am a fully qualified Movement Medicine teacher, also study in continued professional training with the School of Movement Medicine. I have been teaching Movement Medicine since 2013 in Switzerland and sometimes on invitation in Germany and France. I am a trained physiotherapist, mother and yoga teacher. My understanding of the body supports my work and guidance in the dance and my long training of the mind and heart in Buddhist meditation practice deepens my ability to hold space with compassion. It is my call is to overcome the divide between body and mind and to establish dance as spiritual practice fully embodying the living heart. I work with movement, breath, voice and sound and my drumming and song invites imagination into the dance space.  https://kristin-glenewinkel.ch


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Klangkörper MP3 Album
Movement Medicine Tanzreisen geleitet von Kristin Glenewinkel
Movement Medicine journeys in German, guided by Kristin Glenewinkel
Musik von Volker Kaczinski und Stef Vink

Dieses Album offeriert vier Bewegungsmeditationen, geleitet in deutscher Sprache von Kristin, begleitet von Musik speziell komponiert von Volker und Stef.

Die Reisen laden zum Tanz ein und führen durch Aspekte der Movement Medicine Methode mit feinfühliger und klarer Leitung. Die Aufnahmen inspirieren zur lustvollen und achtsamen Alltagspraxis Zuhause.

Die Tänzerin – den Tänzer erwecken
Der Baum des Lebens
Die Alchemie der vier Elemente
Die Sternmeditation
In tiefer Dankbarkeit für Ya’Acov und Susannah Darling Khan, die Movement Medicine entwickelt haben und die beide aussergewöhnliche Lehrer*in für mich sind.

Bestellen als MP3 Files: 92min
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