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MP3 - Journey Of The Medicine Waters - full album

MP3 - Journey Of The Medicine Waters - full album
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I was first commissioned by Ya’acov and Susannah Darling Khan in November 2010 to create a piece of short piece of music for movement on the theme of water. Initially it was intended to be a simple piece for shakuhachi flute and percussion, however once I started work on the music it quickly became more elaborate. As the weeks and months passed, and then turned into years, the music evolved into a tapestry of seven contrasting pieces exploring different forms and moods of water. Now, nearly 12 years after starting this project the album is finished.

Journey Of The Medicine Waters paints a broad musical canvas with layers of acoustic sound that feature over 30 different wind, string and percussion instruments that I’ve collected from around the world. Some of these, like the shakuhachi flute, I play daily, and others, like the Iranian santur, have been waiting a long time to come out and play! I’ve also made many recordings of natural water in different environments around the world over the years, and these sounds are woven into the textures of the music.

Throughout the long journey of creating this album I have kept in mind that the original commission was for music to accompany movement and dance. Not just dancing in a general sense, but rather with the kind of approach to movement that lies at the heart of Ya’acov and Susannah’s work with the School of Medicine Movement, incorporating music as a medicine for healing, spiritual practice, emotional release, prayer and deep connection with the transformational processes of the heart, of life and of the cosmos. I was for many years a composer and performer for modern dance groups, Japanese Butoh contemporary dance, Five Rhythms groups and others, and as a musician I have always felt a deep affinity with creating music for movement.This album represents a culmination of this deep relationship.

The title of the album refers to the water cycle; starting as a trickling stream in the mountains, merging with rivers to flow into the seas, and then evaporating as mist and clouds to become rain. ‘Medicine waters’ also refers to the emotional aspect of water, and to the deep healing journey that encompasses such a 12-year period as that in which this music was created. It is my deepest pleasure to release this music finally into the world, and I hope it inspires many people to connect to their own healing journey of the medicine waters.” Adrian Freedman, March 2022

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