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Choosing Happier by Jem Friar
Choosing Happier simplifies the art & science of happiness, showing you how to be happy despite your circumstances, history or genes!
It busts the modern myths of happiness that tell you that money, possessions, fame or power will bring you lasting joy. Instead, this easy to read book provides a clear understanding & simple to follow practices that enable you to experience increased authentic & sustainable happiness & contentment.
Whether you would just like to enjoy life more or you have struggled with excessive negative thinking or even if you would like to make this world a better place, then you will find this book to be an incredibly inspiring & useful treasure trove of wisdom & tools.
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The Juice Habit Made Easy by Jem Friar
This is a wonderful book to inspire, encourage and help you to juice regularly. There are so many benefits that come from having fresh juices but many people struggle with actually making their own juices. This book is packed with great tips, ideas and tricks that will help you to adopt the juicing habit and become a “Juicer”. It also has some great mixed fruit and vegetable juice recipes for you to try. Jem has been at our Movement Medicine Long Dances the last few years, and his expertise about health, food and fasting has been a god-send to anyone who has needed some support.

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Wild Power by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer
We are so proud to be able to share with you this book of knowledge and guidance about the feminine cycle. I sense that all women who read this book will be affected, whether or not you are still in the menstrual cycle. This is a beautiful and powerful contribution to the wisdom literature about navigating the particular adventure of being a woman, and knowing and surfing with our cyclical nature. Thank you Sjanie and Alexandra!
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