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Eva has had successful careers as a secondary school teacher, psychotherapist, academic researcher (PhD), Enlightenment Master, a business woman (NES) and now a smallholder. She became an author as a result of nursing her father, Sasha, for the last 2 years of his life. After a 33-year estrangement they totally forgave each other. He unburdened the harrowing story of his Jewish family in Ukraine in WW2 and died a happy man. This led Eva to write "Sasha & Olga" and launched her new career as a writer: "Russian Roulette 20:20" (a 10K SF story in Shine) "Solaris" 2010; "From Russia to Love" Robson Press 2012; and the latest; "Sexy at 70; A Spiritual Quest". Together with her husband Jake, they grow a vast organic garden of vegetables and fruits, chickens for food and eggs and run two electric cars from the sun, one being a fabulous Tesla. They are living the dream and enjoying their retirement to the max.


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'Butterflies and Demons' by Eva Maria Chapman

We have autographed copies of Eva Chapman’s incredible new book "Butterflies and Demons".

Eva has written a historical fiction novel based in real original research about the searing history of the Adelaide Aboriginal (Kaurna) people during the 1830s, when the British arrived.

This is a deeply moving, educative and timely book that has received the blessing of Kaurna elders. It tells stories that have been researched in detail and are illuminated by Eva's story telling and deeply lived human heart. We deeply recommend this extra-ordinary book whcih marries historical research with spiritual and emotional human resonance. 

Susannah and Ya'Acov Darling Khan

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Sexy at 70; a Spiritual Journey by Eva Maria Chapman
A limited edition of copies autographed by the author are available here now! Eva Maria Chapman brings startling honesty, deep humour, passion and compassion to this story of a life lived in full. Her relationship with her past, as an East European refugee in post war Australia is shared unblinkingly, as she tells of the transformation of its horrors into being a fully fledged joyous, sexual, spiritual woman in the 21st century.
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Sasha and Olga: by Eva Maria Chapman

We totally recommend this amazing, true, healing and redemptive book. It is the extra-ordinary story of Eva's journey to find and heal her roots.  Eva was the child of East European immigrants who had survived Stalin and the SS. This is the story, beautifully and honestly told, of her search to discover the detail of her parentís stories, to re-connect with her surviving relatives, to heal the wounds that can be healed, and to bear witness to the human tragedy which just is.

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