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Even though this book was published 10 years ago, a week does not go by without me getting fabulous feedback for writing my family story. The feedback ranges from people in Australia whose families were refugees from World War Two and identify closely with events described, to people whose lives have been ravaged by mental illness, to people in the UK who had no idea of the suffering of Allied Bombings on ordinary people in Germany, to Jewish people who identified with the families who suffered under Nazi occupation, to women who suffered severe parental control. It seems that there are so many different aspects of 'Sasha & Olga' that appeal to readers all over the world.  I am so proud I wrote it and that this story can affect so any people in a profound way.  


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Sasha and Olga: by Eva Maria Chapman

We totally recommend this amazing, true, healing and redemptive book. It is the extra-ordinary story of Eva's journey to find and heal her roots.  Eva was the child of East European immigrants who had survived Stalin and the SS. This is the story, beautifully and honestly told, of her search to discover the detail of her parentís stories, to re-connect with her surviving relatives, to heal the wounds that can be healed, and to bear witness to the human tragedy which just is.

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