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MP3 - Rolling Resonant Waves in Curved Space by David Kellett

Music to tune into the Echo of your Dancing Prayer with 25:27 mins. This music was recorded on the thirteenth of November 2014. Modular Synthesiser and Bamboo Flute. Its sold in aid of the Pachamama Alliance.
The music and very slow - perhaps slower than you are used to - the idea is to listen so deeply to the 
slow changes so that you start to not only hear the music and your surroundings (that become part of 
the music) but that you start to hear yourself. This music is intended to help you slow down enough to 
hear what is going on on a deep Micro level that connects out to the Meta level of being. I suggest 
playing it at a medium volume on speakers in the room or with really good headphones. There are a lot 
of  bass  frequencies  and  they  will  be  heard  at  optimum  on  good  speakers  in  a  room.  The  other 
advantage of speakers in a room is that you get to experience the music as sensation in and through 
your body as well as through your ears. Enjoy!!
David would be really happy to have feed back about how you experience his music info@movingisliving.co.uk .  

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