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MP3 - Another 21 Gratitudes- Long Dance 2011 - Full Album

MP3 - Another 21 Gratitudes- Long Dance 2011 - Full Album
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The long awaited (long) Long Dance Album from the Summer Long Dance 2011. We love this music, and some of you will already have heard it on our dance floors. Here are are 40 beautiful tracks, lovingly and expertly mixed by Volker Kaczinski. As a whole it forms a journey through the whole Movement medicine mandala. Enjoy! IF YOU ORDER THIS DOWNLOAD MP3 ALBUM YOU MUST DOWNLOAD IT WITHIN A WEEK OR ORDERING! Do contact us by phone or email if you need any help or guidance.

With the Long Dance Band:

YaíAcov Darling Khan
Susannah Darling Khan
Shiuli Subaya
Yasia Leiserach
David Rose
Lawrence Kelson
Iwan Kushka
Volker Kaczinski
And All the Long Dancers

We have wanted to create a Movement Medicine Journey through all 21 Gateways of the Movement Medicine mandala and we have finally got it together using the live music recorded at the Summer Long Dance 2011. Though you can download any tracks you want and they all stand alone in their own right, they are intended to be used as a whole meditation that you can do at home alone or with friends as a movement ceremony that takes you through the 21 Gateways. Some of the tracks include invocations and prayers spoken by Susannah or YaíAcov to help guide you in your journey. The whole meditation is just under three hours long but naturally, you can break it down into smaller sections and choose to work with just a small section of the mandala.

All profits from this music go to support the "One World Mosaic." 

1) A spin of Yin
2) Jai Jai Ma
3) A yarn of Yang
4) Earth under our feet
5) Fire Funk
6) Waters of Life
7) Bright Flight
8) Winds of Change
9) Body Invocation
10) Re-member your body
11) Into the Heart
12) Mind in my feet
13) The Past invocation
14) Rockin the past
15) Honouring the past
16) Present invocation
17) Presentient Being
18) Future Invocation
19) Future Prayer
20) Future Dreaming
21) Fulfillment invocation
22) Full Fill
23) Interconnection invocation
24) Interconnectivity
25) Realisation invocation
26) Realise
27) Realisation Prayer
28) Self-ish Elf-ish
29) Self-ish Elf-ish too
30) You and me
31) Three D community
32) In Harmony
33) Ancestors
34) Descendents
35) For those who will come
36) Breath of life
37) Great Spirit Invocation
38) Into the Zone
39) Into the One
40) Circulation


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