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MP3 - 08 Imbabura - Single track from All The Earth Is Sacred

MP3 - 08 Imbabura - Single track from All The Earth Is Sacred
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Imbabura, Cotacachi, Tungurahua and Chimborazo are volcanic mountains in the Andes of Ecuador. Traditionally, for the Quechua people who live there, everything is either masculine
or feminine, including the mountains. Imbabura is seen as a benevolent, strong, masculine energy and he is called Taita Imbabura, (father Imbabura) by the people who live on his beautiful slopes. He is seen as married to the female mountain Cotacachi. As part of the Pachamama journey to the Amazon, we visited the beautiful community of San Susannah says "Clemente on the flanks of Imbabura for the New Year of 2013 and were very touched by the community there and the mountain they live on. Last year, as we got off the bus at San Clemente, this song started singing itself inside my heart, and itís gone on ever since. Mama Tungurahua is the beautiful live volcano near where we finish the Pachamama journey. On her slopes is the beautiful town of Banos. The people there have been warned to abandon their town by the government, but they chose to stay, saying that they trust their mother Tungurahua. So far, she has only poured lava down the other side of the mountain, where no one lives. Her partner is Taita (father) Chimborazo, whose peak is the closest part of earth to the sun. Chomolungma (Everest) is taller, but because of the way the earth is squished and widest at the equator, the peak of Chimborazo is closer to the sun. So these two are quite a pair!"

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