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MP3 - Still Waves by Susannah Darling Khan and Be-Attitude - Full Album

MP3 - Still Waves  by Susannah Darling Khan and Be-Attitude - Full Album
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This is the music which Susannah so often uses for Wise Elder deep heart listening journeys.

Originally made for dancing the 5 rhythms within the vibration of stillness, "Still Waves" is often to be heard on Movement Medicine dance floors, providing music of heart, dignity, gentleness and love. Susannah often uses the tracks "Homecoming" "Twilight" "Still Dancing" and "Vigil" for Wise Elder meditations. This is beautiful, spacious, acoustic piano and cello music. A journey through 2 waves of energy. Suitable for dancing, meditating, massage and moments in time and space. Tracks: 1 First Light, 2 Valour, 3 Delirium, 4 Twilight 5 Vigil, 6 Dark Earth, 7 Arising, 8 Eerie Elves, 9 Eerie Cellos, 10 Homecoming, 11 Still Dancing. "I am deeply moved by "Still Waves". It is chamber music to ignite the Spirit."Marius-Christian Burcea, host and producer of radio show in Bucharest, Rumania.
ìThank you, oh thank you. I have danced and danced and danced to your amazing music. If you had made it just for me it could not be more perfect. Itís beautiful, it breaks me open. This is love-in-action.î Sue Rickards 5 Rhythms teacher, London. 

This music was originally made for, and inspired by, Gabrielle Rothís 5 Rhythms, a movement meditation practice at the interface between artistic expression, healing, and spiritual practice. This album has been made as a journey through all the 5 Rhythms (Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, and Stillness) within the context of the Rhythm of Stillness. 

Julian Marshall has been a wonderful musical accomplice and inspiration for many years. Heís played at dance workshops, played on my other albums, and been my GCSE music teacher. The inspiration for this album came when we did a benefit movement meditation workshop together for a local school. Our intent was to create music to support the dance of the 5 Rhythms within the vibe of Stillness. We were, even more than usual, looking for the space between the notes. We were charmed, surprised and excited by the music that evolved through this; solo piano music for dancing in dynamic stillness. We decided to record, and to make another offering into the rich and wonderful pot of music in the world. We laid down the piano tracks in Julian's office with his lovely upright, accompanied by cats, cars and gurgling water pipes. ;
The project then took on its own life, and the piano seemed to call out to be complemented by the cello. I have been privileged to work with Jane Pirrie, who comes from our locale, thanks to a tip off from Margot Henderson in Findhorn. After Jane had woven her magic, Julian added some subtle synth washes in the background on some of the tracks, and a few late nights in the mixing studio later, hey presto! A new album for your delectation. We hope that you enjoy this neo-classical music, whether you dance, chill, make love or meditate to it. And wishing you, the listener, every blessing, Susannah Darling Khan, August 2004

"Working on Still Dancing was mesmerising, moving and uplifting. This was one of those times when my cello seemed to have a life of its own. To have it sing and sing and sing under my fingers in the studio was truly wonderful with Susannah's clear and creative direction and Julian's most beautiful, simple piano lines for me to improvise with. Each piece drew me in, all were deeply connected with each other, and my Cello almost seemed to respond on its own to his tender and lyrical playing. It was amazing being given free rein to my own ideas, and equally amazing to find the moments in rehearsal with Susannah when we discovered that we had thought identical thoughts, and heard the same melodies emerging from the harmony. It was almost as if the cello was following its own path, with me simply enabling it to sing." Jane Pirrie

"During the occasions when I play for a movement workshop, there are times when the dialogue between dancer (them) and player (me or us) get beautifully entwined. At such times it is impossible to say who is leading who. The dance has expanded into the sonic realm and embraced it just as the music has expanded into the dance. But there is something else. When both the music and the dance meet in such a way both become subservient to a new way of being. This place is what I'd call relationship, or more accurately, intimacy. And when we are in that place ... magic happens. The making of this CD occurred out of such an experience. The context of stillness was our discipline, the context of relationship our possibility. Enjoy the dance!" Julian Marshall

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