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"She has a voice" by Caroline Carey

"She has a voice"  by Caroline Carey
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'SHE has a Voice'    Caroline Carey's first poetry book. A writer of her own autobiography ëMsíGuided Angelí (published in 2010) and subsequent book 'Reclaimed Innocence' (2012) Caroline compiled her poetry from her books and more, after popular request. Her poems are not of the ordinary and encourage the reader or listener to dig deeply into their own imagination and sense the subtle yet life affirming words that make Caroline's poems a treasure trove with soulful connections to the human, the natural and the animal worlds. Here you can journey to the corners of your mind often not explored, to the further most reaches of your heart and tap into emotions that may never have been brought to life. You may wonder at your own imagination and where you have left it behind! What ever you find hidden in-between the words and sentences, in the gaps between the pages, you can be assured there is magic lurking, if you dare to look! 
Many of us struggle with our voices, speaking out and singing our own songs. Caroline encourages you, the reader, to find YOUR own voice, to speak the words that are hidden, to reveal your own secrets to the world and step into being just who you really are. For we ALL Have A Voice. 

Testimonials on Caroline Books..... ìI could not put it downî......."Some things call so deeply to be shared, this poetry book is one of them!".........ìI feel very affected by your journeyî ......"a work of pure inspiration and I think it will be phenomenally helpful to child protection"...... ìIt literally swept me away with itî.....î Incredibly powerfulî...... ìI feel very affected by your journeyî......îIt has stunned meî .......îtouched and moved me to tearsî......îgave me renewed faith in loveî........îA book that inspires and empowersî....... ìAbsolutely gripping, an amazing, sad, ecstatic, romantic, emotional, utterly lived/living lifeî.... ìa must readî.....îa bold speaking outî....."I had to read it to the end in one day" ..... "I am profoundly grateful for your teaching and sharing of your story, it gives me hope and I find comfort in the wisdom of your words"....."amazing, beautiful, fantastic poetry"..... "a fascinating, compelling read" ....."Breathtaking".....ìWow!î

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