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'Butterflies and Demons' by Eva Maria Chapman

'Butterflies and Demons' by Eva Maria Chapman
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We have autographed copies! Eva Chapman’s Butterflies and Demons is a historic fiction novel about the stories of the Adelaide Aboriginal (Kaurna) people during the 1830s. Their land was invaded by British settlers who failed to understand Kaurna values and culture, almost wiping out Adelaide’s true custodians for good and imposing racial discrimination and deep trauma. Juxtaposed with events from Eva Chapman’s traumatic childhood from Czechoslovakia to Adelaide in the 1950s, racial discrimination is highlighted, explored, and confronted with gentle but emphatic impact. This is a deeply moving, educative and timely book that has received the blessing of Kaurna elders. It tells stories that have been researched in detail and illuminated by Eva's story telling and deeply lived human heart.

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