We've got a great collection of music and other products to inspire you to be who you are and give what you've got.

These are especially (but not only!) relevant for dancers of Movement Medicine.

WHY IS MUSIC MEDICINE? Music is medicine; medicine for our hearts, our bodies, our minds, our souls. We believe in human evolution and the imperative possibility of this moment in history and we believe in the power of music as one way to support that transformation.

WHAT DOES THIS WEBSITE DO? This website is dedicated to sharing wild, beautiful, tender and transformative music (and other good stuff) which has been made to support our human journey as we strive to learn to live in a good way with ourselves, each other and the planet.

FOR THE PLANET AND FOR YOU. We donate 5% of the proceeds from sales in our online shop to the work of the Pachamama Alliance. The Pachamama Alliance works with the indigenous stewards of the Amazon to protect the forest on behalf of all life on earth. In the last financial years: 1.4.'16 - 1.4.'19 your purchases have allowed us to donate $2567 US Dollars to the Pachamama Alliance. THANK YOU!!!

MUSIC FOR LIFE All the proceeds from the sale of the "Music for Life" collections of MP3s goes to support the Pachamama Alliance. Thank you so much to all the musicians who have donated their beautiful music to support life on earth in this way.

WHO IS SUSANNAH DARLING KHAN? Susannah runs Music Medicine with the brilliant support of Claire Taylor of "Cherish Everything". Susannah is the co-founder of "Movement Medicine" and runs the "School of Movement Medicine" with her husband Ya'Acov. She has been making music to support transformative dance practice and embodied consciousness for many years. She is a dancer, singer, teacher, writer, wife, mother and lover of the land. This online shop reflects her love of a wide spectrum of music and her belief in the power of vision committed in action.


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Susannah Darling Khan and Claire Taylor

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