We hope that you are managing to stay well and sane in these challenging times. We have lots of good stuff here. We imagine that specifically our guided dance journeys (see Movement Medicine) can really serve your well being right now.

May we also point you towards 21Gratitudes (see below) where there are lots of free resources available in the Events library. Just sign up for the wait list and there will be at your disposal.

In terms of connection, the "Embodied Listening" course (go to 21 Gratitudes and look at "Courses") was designed for now and we can't think of anything more nourishing to learn, give and receive.

And the wonderful array of Movement Medicine teachers we have trained are doing beautiful stuff online (see below).

We will be sending out physical items (eg books, CDs Invocation smudge essence) on the Friday of each week. To ensure that your item is sent, please make your order before 1pm on Thursday. Please note that Invocation can ONLY be sent within the UK, due to customs restrictions. Wishing you the inner softness to receive some of the simple goodness of life which is still around, along with everything else,


For more about what we offer:

Movement Medicine Online 21gratitudes.com

School: www.schoolofmovementmedicine.com

Movement Medicine Teachers: MovementMedicineAssociation.org

Thank you!

We wish you kindness and courage and the space to move, shake, dance, learn, connect and be kind in these challenging times,

Susannah Darling Khan 29.01.2021

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