In these challenging times as we're all navigating in the unknown, we've been discovering just how important music is for our own well being. We've found our own movement practice every morning to be a lifeline of sanity, grounding, emotional release and presence.

We've got a great collection of music and other products to support you in these shaking times. You might find the Movement Medicine guided dance meditations useful.

We've made the MP3 album "Life Grooves" cheaper for the next week (til 8th April 2020) and also made it available one track at a time.


In this time when the world is buzzing with adrenaline, we are finding that music and dance have become important as medicine for our nervous systems, our bodies, hearts and souls like never before.

Music holds us and simultaneously helps us release the strong vibrations of energy that are coursing through our systems.

We are sorry that we cannot, currently, send out physical items, but all our MP3s are there for you, We wish you all love, all strength and all kindness as we all navigate our way, step by step, together.

Susannah Darling Khan 31.3.2020

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You may be interested in our free movement medicine webinars running Tuesday evenings. Tonight's a special one! Take a look (see below information re 21gratitudes.com/webinar) Tuesday March 31st 2020:



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